Are you a Media Company?

What is your cost of exposure? The following claim scenarios illustrate how individual risks can lead to a total business loss and highlight the importance of the Tech Initiative coverage.

Defamation - Radio

A radio station was sued for defamation by an amateur athletic coach after a guest of the station referred to him as abusive and a bully. The trial court initially granted the station's motion to dismiss, which was affirmed on appeal. However a subsequent ruling reversed the dismissal and remanded the case back to the trial court for further proceedings. The radio station incurred hundreds of thousands of dollars in defense costs through the appeal process and is now faced with the renewed legal action.

Defamation against a Publisher

A famous public figure alleged defamation against a publishing company after it published a depiction of the individual as a "millionaire" as opposed to "billionaire". The individual claimed that as a result of the books' defamatory statement he suffered loss of business opportunities. After extensive discovery, the court granted the publisher’s motion for summary judgement for failure of the individual to prove "malice" (as the developer was a public figure). The publisher, however, spent millions of dollars in defense costs.

Unfair Trade Protection Act

A company that partnered with merchants to provide discount merchant services and products through online advertisements was the subject of a class action alleging it violated a federal law related to the advertising. The company resolved the dispute before undertaking substantive discovery for agreeing to provide millions in credit to consumers, administration costs for the class and significant plaintiffs' attorney's fees. The insured also paid over hundreds of thousands in defense costs.