Are you a Game Developer?

What is your cost of exposure? The following claim scenarios illustrate how individual risks can lead to a total business loss and highlight the importance of the Tech Initiative coverage.

Online Video Games - Hack

An online entertainment company had its user database hacked through a trojan. The database contained millions of encrypted email accounts, usernames and passwords. While the encryption technology prevented a much greater notice obligation, the company nevertheless incurred hundreds of thousands of dollars in forensic investigation and notice costs. A privacy class action was filed and the court refused to grant the company's motion to dismiss resulting in additional attorneys' fees to defend that action.

Payment Process - Hack

A payment processor fell victim to a sophisticated and coordinated "brute force" attack allowing access to credit card information for millions of transactions transmitted through older POS terminals that did not have modern security features. Using known credit card protocols, the hackers were able to determine the complete information for tens of thousands of these cards and made millions of dollars worth of unauthorized purchases before the cards involved in the hack were identified and disabled. The processor was compelled to pay for the losses and an additional undisclosed sum to financial institutions associated with canceling and replacing the cards.