Please compare your current coverage with the Tech Initiative solution!

Tech Initiative Terms and Conditions

  • Independent contractors included as additional insureds
  • Automatic coverage for newly acquired subsidiaries
  • Territory is worldwide
  • Duties in the event of a claim triggered upon knowledge of an Executive Officer
  • Punitive damages, when permitted by law, most favorable venue for insured
  • Severability of insureds in applicability of deliberate acts exclusion
  • Automatic coverage for Vicarious Liability when insured is required to include through written contract
  • 60 days notice for non-renewal
  • Pre-claim assistance without eroding the limit or retention
  • Mediation provision that reduces the retention
  • Choice of counsel (Optional)


Technology Errors & Omissions features

  • No exclusion for delay in delivery
  • No support or maintenance exclusion
  • No exclusion for unauthorized access
  • Deliberate acts by rogue employee does not void coverage for insured entity (unless committed by an Executive Officer)
  • Enterprise Coverage - technology products and services are not specifically defined
  • No exclusion for mechanical or electrical failure
  • Personal Injury (Optional)


Information Risk features

  • Network Security & Privacy Injury (is not tied to the delivery of professional services)
  • Breach of non-public personal information
  • Breach of non-public commercial information including trade secrets
  • Online and offline breaches
  • Removable media
  • Mental anguish in absence of bodily injury
  • Actions of rogue employees - third party coverage
  • Privacy regulation proceeding includes fines and penalties
  • HIPAA fines and penalties
  • Privacy Event Expense reimbursement coverage triggered based on the event and not the law
  • Network Extortion Expense
  • Choice of vendor that permits direct contract with insured


Media Liability or Content Injury

  • Wrongful act includes any content injury and media activity (is not tied to the delivery of professional services)
  • Includes any form of defamation to character or reputation for any person or organization
  • Includes any form of invasion, infringement or interference with rights of privacy or publicity
  • Coverage of trespass, eavesdropping and wrongful evictions
  • Covers infringement of copyright, plagiarism, title, slogan, logo, trademark, trade name, trade dress, service mark or service name
  • Misappropriation of ideas, property rights or information
  • Infliction of emotional distress
  • Negligence in connection with the content of media
  • Unfair competition or unfair trade practices with respect to content injury
  • The negligent supervision of an employee with respect to content injury
  • Media activity including gathering, acquiring, obtaining, researching, developing, editing, preparing, producing, filming, videotaping and recording
  • Disseminating or the utterance of media through any means
  • Coverage of false arrest, detention or imprisonment (OPTIONAL)
  • Copyright of software code (OPTIONAL)